Spectrum's PRESSURE SWITCHES deliver performance, meeting virtually all switching requirements from 2" H2O through 18,000 p.s.i. pressure ranges.

A wide variety of configurations are available as well as selection of threaded ports and electrical connectors.
  • • Gauge

  • • Absolute

  • • Differential

  • • Barometric

  • • Vacuum

Switch Series
 Series   Sensor Type   Pressure Range 
2300   Piston   400-500 psig
2335   Diaphragm   4-400 psig
2360   Piston   600-5000 psig
2370   Diaphragm   5-400 psig
3200   Capsule   2"-60" H2O
4300   Diaphragm   4-250 psia
5000   Diaphragm   2" H2O-100 psid
7000   Diaphragm   2-30" Hg

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With an experienced staff we can not only buy the parts but design the necessary test stands, tooling, etc. to assemble, nspect and provide a fully tested sub-assembly and let you know as to where the schedule stands on a virtual daily basis if necessary. In fact, we have recently increased our capacity and have the right people standing by to assist you with you parts/sub-assembly requirements.