Product Line:

14000 "BALVAC" Series
Self-Sealing Breakaway Fuel Valves (couplings)
for Crash-Resistant Fuel Systems

New Feature:
The only self-sealing breakaway valve coupling with
pure Centrip® captive release:
  • • Avoids flow loss from overlapped valve members
  • • Reacts with early closing upon partial separation
  • • Optimum response with circumferential separation from any direction
  • • No loose parts
Single or double shut-off valves
Economical affordable assembly Small size, light weight, rugged construction
Only two moving parts (double valve)
Superior design simplicity
Patented rotating member with Centrip™ release
Mechanically-grounded open-closed positions
Negligible pressure drop improves hot day performance
Low profile/bore ratio
Ball seals protected from fuel flow Closed ball surface, debris resistant
External visual indication open-closed
No leakage prior to separation
Retrofits poppet, butterfly or flapper designs
Production, flight proven
MS Environmentally sealed
Fully qualified